There are different logos for different companies and brands. Some come in symbols, emblems, icons, and ideograms. The logo that is best for your brand creates a lasting impression and immediate recognition for your brand. Standing out in your established profession is only possible when your identity unique. Green Brain Design Factory is a well-established company that has been creating logos for the past 10 years. Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we have been working with hometown companies and national level corporate brands to make them captivating and recognizable. At Green Brain Design Factory, we comprehend the exclusivity you require for your logo and that is why we highlight the contemporary qualities that will represent your corporation or establishment’s identity.

No two jobs will ever be the same, building a custom experience for each client is what we strive to do.

Your logo has to express an identifiable image to consumers. That is why you need expertise and experience to design a logo that functions in various contexts, such as sizes, color, and layout. Your logo will be on screen, billboards, business cards, promotional items, and letterheads so it has to be clear in all formats. You do not want your logo to be incomprehensible and most importantly you need your logo to avoid any mix-up with competitors.

Our Work

Once your logo is exactly what you desire you have to invest time, let the world become formulary with your identity. This involves implementing a web site, marketing material and social media.


Merely creating a logo for your business is not enough to separate yourself from your competitors. You need a planned approach to be implemented on how you are going to improve your identity to make sure an audience sees your brand the way in which you anticipated.

Web Design

Green Brain Design Factory will work with you to create a custom website that will fit your unique brand identity. No two jobs are the same, building a custom experience for each client is what we strive to do.


From business cards and brochure design to trade show displays and car wraps, Green Brian Design Factory provides a wide array of print marketing materials that will establish your company’s brand and clearly communicate your message to current and potential clients.