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MC Wine Imports – Web Design and Logo Design

Green Brain Design Factory is a company that specializes in creating websites and logos for businesses. We worked on creating a website and logo for MC Wine Imports. The website includes information about the company and the wines they import, as well as a way for customers to purchase the wines. The logo incorporates elements that are relevant to the wine industry, such as grapes or a farmer, and it was designed to be easily recognizable and memorable. Overall, the website and logo created by Green Brain Design Factory aim to effectively represent MC Wine Imports and make it easy for customers to learn about and purchase the company’s products.


We worked on creating a website and logo for MC Wine Imports.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Website Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Website Development, Logo Design

  • Client

    MC Wine Imports

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Green Brain has been Acquired by Blink!

Hey there! We have awesome news to share – our newest partnership is going to help us provide you with an even wider range of branding and marketing services. We’re thrilled about this new opportunity and can’t wait to see how it benefits our clients. Thank you for choosing to work with us and for being a part of our exciting journey!