About project

Period: May 2016 – Present

Client: OMNI Food Concepts Inc.

Subject: Current Freelance Graphic Designer

Green Brain Design Factory has been working for OMNI Food Concepts Inc. for over 3 years. We started out with their website re-design and then went on to become part of the team as their freelance graphic design company.

Our Task Was

We take care of the day to day graphic needs. Whether it is a pricing update on a previously created sell sheet or creating their annual distribution convention trade show displays. We have an ongoing business relationship.


One of the employees of OMNI Foof Concepts Inc. will contact us and we will directly deal with the employee individually and track our hours for each project.

  • Contacted to Re-Design Website
  • Made POS packages
  • Made updates to marketing materials
  • Created trade show displays
  • Created Video displays for Cold Cow Ice Cream
  • Continue to create new sell sheets and Marketing Materials
  • Designed and developed an interactive price quote and material download website for their customers


Satisfaction from both ends. We have saved them time and money by giving them the ability to have a freelance graphic designer as opposed to hiring a full-time graphic designer for whom they would have to pay benefits and other employment fees. We enjoy each project and love that they are a nationally known company that provides great products.

  • Saved them money
  • Saved them time
  • The company has seen great growth in 2018


OMNI Food Concepts Inc. is a food supply company that provides high-quality food to convenience stores across the USA. There are many projects still taking place and many that have not been exhibited in the portfolio on this page.

We are looking forward to the up and coming redesign to the retail locations for the companies that feature some of OMNI Food Concepts Inc. products.