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Pizza Milano – Branding and Website Design

Green Brain Design Factory is a creative agency that specializes in designing branding and websites for businesses. They recently worked with Pizza Milano, a local pizzeria, to create a comprehensive branding pack and a website for the restaurant. The branding pack included a new logo, color scheme, and typography that reflected the authentic and traditional Italian style of Pizza Milano’s pizza. The website was designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, featuring mouth-watering images of the pizzas and a clear and easy-to-use online ordering system. The website also highlighted the restaurant’s use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients. As a result of Green Brain Design Factory’s efforts, Pizza Milano has seen an increase in online orders and a boost in brand recognition.

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    Pizza Milano

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Green Brain has been Acquired by Blink!

Hey there! We have awesome news to share – our newest partnership is going to help us provide you with an even wider range of branding and marketing services. We’re thrilled about this new opportunity and can’t wait to see how it benefits our clients. Thank you for choosing to work with us and for being a part of our exciting journey!