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Put Blogging in the Driver’s Seat: 4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Blog


Vroom vroom! Are you in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and feel the need for online marketing speed? Do you wonder how exactly online marketing can benefit your Pennsylvania business? Have you considered a business blog, but don’t know how to get started? Well, reading this blog article is a great kick-start to blogging for your Pittsburgh based small business!


Business blogging is an online marketing tool that uses blogging to get your business more online views. But, why exactly is a blog beneficial? Get in blogging’s metaphorical car and allow it to take you to places you’ve never gone before! Here is a list of four ways blogs can help generate leads and business – and if these ways don’t get your engine started, then you probably need an oil change. Just saying.


1) It helps drive organic traffic to your website.

Honk if you want more website visitors… it should sound like Dahntahn (Pittsburghese “downtown”) during rush hour up in here. There are three main ways clients find your website: (1) clients search for your name directly, (2) clients find your business through an ad for which you paid, or (3) clients find your page through organic search engine searches.

Let’s be real here. Unless you’re already a household name or you plan on spending a crap-ton of money on advertisements, your best bet is organic search engine searches. So, how do you drive more organic search traffic to your website? Blogs.

Google and other search engines love to see websites create new and fresh content. This updated content alerts the search engine that the website is active and not simply taking up space in the Cloud.

It works like this. The more pages on your website and the more often your website is updated, the more likely your website is to appear high on search engine result pages. And that’s important. Because… who even looks at Google’s page 3? Google and other search engines love to see websites create new and fresh content. This updated content alerts the search engine that the website is active and not simply taking up space in the Cloud. So, every time you write a blog post, it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in organic search engine searches and for search engines to take note that your site is active. Vroom, vroom, baby.


2) It helps drive traffic into leads.

Each blog post is an opportunity to generate new leads. And it’s easy! All you need to do is add a call-to-action to every blog post. A call-to-action can be things like a free e-book, free fact sheets, free webinars, free trials… pretty much anything that’s free. People love free things. However, even though you say it’s free, it really will cost the client their name and email address. So, here’s how it works: first, future client clicks on blog post; second, future client sees call-to-action offer; third, future client exchanges their information for the free offer; forth, you follow up with future client via email. Viola. An automatic lead that has the potential to turn into a client.

3) It helps drive your company as the authority.

Okay. So, being the authority on a subject isn’t as concrete and tangible as website traffic or leads. Howeverrrrrrrr, it is equally important. Just imagine. A future client is confused about a topic. Your blog provides clarity. Future client is armed with new knowledge, which you provided! If future clients can find answers to common questions via blog posts written by your organization, they are much more likely to trust your company when making a final decision to purchase.


4) It helps drive long-term results.

Posting a blog creates a forever imprint on the Internet. And that’s great news for your business. The moment you post a blog, it can easily generate 100+ views, which can lead to 10+ leads. And that’s not all. Months after posting, people will click on the blog article through organic searches, and these organic searches can lead to hundreds of more people seeing the blog and even more leads! Surprisingly, older blog entries are often more popular than freshly posted content. That’s why it’s important to keep your blog updated because all new things eventually become old things – just ask your Great, Great, Great Aunt Myrtle.


At Green Brain Design Factory, we understand the importance of a relatable, reliable, and regular blog. Allow us to do all the hard work, while you sit back and enjoy the lead generation. We’ll even throw in a free oil change at your local Mr. Tire. Call today!


… okay… we won’t really give you a free oil change. And… we don’t even really like Mr. Tire.



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